lunes, mayo 23, 2005

Verde - Green

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Marie-Hélène, dijo...

Quelle verdure tentante!!

G N Bassett dijo...

What a beautiful place, and it is indeed very green. Your house, no doubt?

Bluefrog dijo...

Moy bien, pilgrim. What did marie-helene and dany say? What ever it is, it goes double for me.
Warm regards,

pilgrim dijo...

Thanks to all.
To GN: No, it's not my house. I don't post pictures of my garden because John would be tempted to park his camper in it, and it would become a little cramped ;-)
To John: I'm working on stretching the parking lot.
BTW what Marie-Hélène et Dany said translates into: "What tempting greenery!"

sarah dijo...

verde--what a perfect title for the photo--all that green is stunning! i like the silhouettes of the trees against the sky.