miércoles, mayo 18, 2005

Fotógrafo invitado - Guest photographer

Atardecer de domingo
Sunday sunset
Nuevamente publico hoy dos fotos de un invitado: Ever Daniel Barreto. Si sigo recibiendo material de otros aficionados, destinaré un día a la semana para mostrar sus trabajos.
Today, I post again a guest's work: Ever Daniel Barreto. If I continue to receive material from other enthusiasts, I will set a weekly space to show their work.

5 comentarios:

cube dijo...

awe wow. great!

Marie-Hélène, dijo...

He sure did a great job with that picture!

Anónimo dijo...

Reflection of the sun onthe water being broken up by the cables of the brige -- great composition.

I'm thinking of making similar shots with the bridges near my house. Will post it at http://www.bambooborneo.com/reflections/

btw thanks for your comment.

alexandra dijo...

What an amazing bridge, and what a great shot. Love it!

Ryan Rahn dijo...

Wow, awesome bridge! Love the reflection too...