sábado, mayo 21, 2005

Día de la Independencia - Independence Day (14 de Mayo)

Trajes típicos
Typical clothes

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Bluefrog dijo...

Hi pilrim. It's 9:29 here and I'm getting ready for bed but I thought I would visit my favorite photoblgs. Love the colorful costumes of these girls. Be careful, I had a spammer getting into to my comments yesterday and had to close my comments. That's why you could not comment last night.
Warm regards,

Sidney dijo...

I like the look on the face of those girls. It seems they are reprimanded by their teacher.
Nice colorful cloths.
Great shot !

odilialiuzzi dijo...

great work here.. great shot ..great light!

Lara Barrett dijo...

I love the teacher's outfit, with all the bright colors, and the red ribbons in her hair...and the girls really do look like they're being told something they're not too happy about... Looks like it was an amazing day!

Marie-Hélène, dijo...

Nous aimons beaucoup l'atmosphère qui se dégage de vos photos durant cette fête!

G N Bassett dijo...

You've captured some lovely senoritas, amigo.