domingo, mayo 29, 2005

Luna matinal - Morning moon

La luna en su cuarto menguante.
The moon in its last quarter.

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alexandra dijo...

Another wonderful yet simple shot. Love it!

Sidney dijo...

Your site was recommended by the frogman so I am here.
I think GN, bluefrog and you can really form a "night" club.
You the sunsets, frog the nightshots and GN the sunrise.
You really have much in common !
It is daytime and you are still dreaming about the moon?
Nice shot !

pilgrim dijo...

I'm honored by being put on the same boat with the frogman and GN...but I doubt Bluefrog can handle the night part on a regular basis...I believe that he likes going to bed early (except when he's busy doing some rhum run ;-)

Marie-Hélène, dijo...

Très joli, cette lune en plein ciel bleu!

Ian dijo...

Really nice photo!!