jueves, octubre 06, 2005

Thursday Challenge: Golden (Dorado)


Anonymous alexandra said...

Gorgeous. Such bight vivid colours!

6/10/05 12:08 p.m.  
Anonymous believer said...

gosto da simplicidade da estrada! acho piada o facto de ter ficado tao "golden" :P

6/10/05 4:05 p.m.  
Anonymous ian said...

Sometimes this works, but this one has too much flare and glare for me - sorry

6/10/05 4:29 p.m.  
Anonymous rock said...

Big flares - the color looks like the effect of really old film left unprocessed for too long.

6/10/05 8:47 p.m.  
Anonymous Ryan said...

Very interesting lighting. Effective use of colorcast to illustrate the brightness of the sun.

28/10/05 7:46 p.m.  

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