lunes, julio 04, 2005


Yendo a pescar
Gone fishing

Buenas noticias: Tengo el agrado de anunciar que Photoblogsmagazine
publicó en su número de julio mi artículo "Encarnación: Life by the river".
Asimismo, con la foto del sábado, llegué a las 200 fotos en línea. Quiero agradecer a todos los fieles lectores, especialmente a los que se toman tiempo para comentar y criticar mi trabajo.

Good News: I'm glad to announce that Photoblogsmagazine has featured my article "Encarnación: Life by the river" in his july issue. Also, with last saturday's post, I've reached the 200 online pictures mark. I want to thank all my faitful readers, specially those who take the time to comment and criticize.
Last but not least, I wish a happy Independence Day to all my american friends.

8 comentarios:

outdoorexposure dijo...

nice beautiful green landscape...i like a small boat on the water..adding the focal point to the photo. btw congratulation for your featured article.

ian dijo...

Congratulations on both counts! What an achievement!

Not sure how many i have posted, but I reckon 40 or so to date - I am a baby by your standard.

Rock dijo...

Congratulations my friend. I'm sure that you are very proud.

Thanks for the holiday wish!

Beautiful shot - looks like a great place to be.

G N Bassett dijo...

Congratulations. Love your work and keep going.

pilgrim dijo...

Thanks friends!

marc dijo...

Wow congrats on 200! I never knew you had that many photos online. I only passed 100 last month.

This is a lovely photo. I'm curious what your vantage point was... really tall tree? ;)

marc dijo...

I just read your "Life by the river" article and it was great! The blend of historical and cultural facts was spot on, informative but in no way boring. Especially liked the bit about the karumbes!

I'd heard about the photoblogsmagazine site before but yours is the first article I've ever read on it and the only reason I went to the site at all.

pilgrim dijo...

Thanks Marc! My vantage point was a viewpoint located behind the Holy Virgin of Itacuá sanctuary. It's a tall tower with an external spiral staircase, not well suited for those affected by vertigo.
I'm glad you enjoyed the reading and look forward to see your work featured on Photoblogs Magazine too.