jueves, junio 02, 2005

Orgullo y alegría - Pride and joy

El orgullo de trabajar en la conservación de una reliquia viviente
The pride of working on the preservation of a living relic

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ian dijo...

I love the dedication and love shown by teams who rennovate such things as railway trains. Not sure I would have the patience.

But then ... I do spend a lot of time taking pictures - less now I have discovered blogging and Flickr!!!

Sidney dijo...

I like those old trains. They used to have the same kind of trains in the Philippines (Islland of Negros) to harvest the sugarcane. Alas the maintenance costs were to high and the trains were replaced by trucks. Too bad.
Nice to see that there are still old trains in use in some parts of the world. Great pictures.

alexandra dijo...

Pride and joy indeed. I love old engines, they really evoke another era.

sarah dijo...

i've been away for a while, and you've taken some great shots!!

this one is great, there's a real sense of unity and teamwork conveyed. the train they're standing on and the red one off to the right are both awesome! and i love those bright yellow hats which really puncuate the shot.

Da Goddess dijo...

Wonderful shot!

Kosh dijo...

Thats a neat shot.