jueves, abril 14, 2005

Santísima Trinidad del Paraná

Vista desde la iglesia
View from the church
Decidí colocar esta nueva serie sobre las ruinas jesuíticas animado por los amables comentarios de Marc Seyon de Trinidad y Tobago, y los de dos admirados amigos: Kenny Sides y G. N. Bassett, de Shutter at the Thought y Life and Times on the Florida North Coast respectivamente.
I decided to post this new series about the jesuitic missions, thanks to the kind comments from Marc Seyon of Through the lens, Trinidad and Tobago; and those from two admired friends:
Kenny Sides of Shutter at the Thought, and G. N. Bassett of Life and Times on the Florida North Coast.

3 comentarios:

Val dijo...

Your photos are incredible! You have an excellent eye for taking pictures =) Have a wonderful day!

Lara Barrett dijo...

Beautiful shot! This looks like an incredible place! I love all that green, and how you've included just the tops of the arches--makes me want to see more! :)

John Hyden dijo...

Love your photos. I enjoy looking at scenes from SA. It kinda reminds me of the stories of Doc Ford. Ever heard of him?
Warm regards,